(National Employability Enhancement Mission)


Governed by MHRD & All India Council for Technical Education

[National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM)]

Regulations, 2013 & 2017

As per the Government’s skill development initiative Skilled & Trained manpower to the tune of 5 crore to cater to the demand of the Indian Industry.

The Ministry of HRD has designed a training scheme to be implemented through AICTE – National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM).

NEEM: National Employability Enhancement Mission Scheme aims to offer on the job Training (OJT) / practical training, i.e., actual work exposure to enhance employability of Candidates.

INFLUX is partnering with the License Holders to deliver skill programs.

All types of Industries and establishments are eligible to deploy manpower under NEEM program.


NEEM Scheme provides OJT opportunities to individuals aged 18-40.

The Scheme allows the NEEM Facilitator to take care of legal/HR formalities, the Industry need not worry about the same. (This is not Contract Staffing, hence the laws related to Labour / employment is not applicable).

There is a huge spectrum of Industries that can avail services of a NEEM Facilitator.

NEEM Trainees under NEEM Scheme get a stipend that is equal to the Minimum Wages of the unskilled category without any deductions. Stipend paid do not attract any statutory/payment obligations on the part of the Corporate / Industry. (No PF, ESIC etc.)

The hiring industries must comply with working, health and other requirements as set in the scheme.

A NEEM trainee does not have a right to employment after completion of the training in the company.

Duration of OJT under NEEM Scheme can be up to 3 years.