Outsourced staffing administration with its cost-effective benefits is an attractive option for most organizations, especially those operating in sectors driven by fluctuating demand. Talent optimization ensures optimal staffing levels for maximum productivity.

Manpower sourced by INFLUX will be delivered to the clients under various schemes viz., Temporary/flexi employments, NEEM, NAPS, RPL, FLEXI ITI and other skill programs. Available competent pool of manpower to be boarded at our client’s sites as and when required.  By working closely with client management, individuals with strong potential are identified within the flexible pool and then developed in such a way that they can be transferred to the client’s permanent employment over time, if required @ no extra cost.

The success of any business (regardless of the industry) depends on maintaining peak efficiency levels in the workforce.

Our solutions enable a company to focus on its core business by outsourcing partly, or in full, the administrative responsibilities of maintaining an effective workforce. Our solutions are tailored to your situation and will lead to improved labour flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. Thus ensuring scalability according to changing business requirements.

Our time tested sourcing strategies to Build Talent Pipeline

We strategically plan and execute each Flexi Staffing assignment in a structured, process oriented, deeply analysed manner till the delivery.