The best PlayStation 2 games

Shadow of the Colossus

The greatest video game, a masterpiece of perpetuity and also individuals, which only becomes even more gorgeous with time. The gameplay consists of just battles with bosses, which, nonetheless, still require to be somehow discovered in the instead rather large areas of the video game globe. The fights themselves are genuine problems with platforming, running around and also trying to find susceptabilities. The measurements of some employers are absolutely enormous, and you truly need to climb them for a very long time as well as fastidiously in order to stick the sword in the Achilles’ ‘ heel. And incidentally, the game has a bewitching environment of some doomed world, and the charming music will certainly for life stay in your memory.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Wonderful role-playing game with numerous distinct gameplay components. In addition to the typical JRPG-fights with monsters and also bosses, in Personality 3 the gamer will certainly need to go to college, take examinations and also figure out how to spend their leisure at nights – all this will influence the qualities of the character. Here is the original system of cards with summoned animals that can be gone across and also as a result get brand-new animals. Character 4 was likewise released on the PlayStation 2, which became even much better than its precursor. However Character 3 has a considerable benefit compared to the fourth part: dedicated followers have flawlessly equated it right into Russian.

Quiet Hill 2

Dark horror, thought about among the most effective reps of the style of perpetuity. The plot here is a genuine artwork, and the aesthetic part with a foggy city and a bunch of horrible beasts is impressive to today. Silent Hill 2 is an ageless standard that every survival horror follower (and also not just) should touch. Yes, as well as in the game there are as several as six radically different endings, which rely on the activities of the character throughout the flow. On our site you can find an emulator capable of supporting your preferred console games, and then download compatible ps2 games iso.

Metal Equipment Strong 3: Serpent Eater

Remarkable stealth-action from Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Steel Gear collection. Occasions will send out the gamer throughout the Cold War, as well as the activity itself will certainly unravel in thick forests, teeming with all sorts of dangers. The gameplay is very varied: imperceptible movements, survival, fights with regular opponents, remarkable boss battles, as well as, of course, a powerful tale, paired with cinematic cutscenes. Snake Eater has actually been named the very best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by many magazines.

God of Battle II

The second part of the journeys of the tireless Kratos is not without factor thought about among the most effective and also most beautiful ready the PlayStation 2. This slasher just squeezes all the graphics juice out of the console. As well as besides a fantastic picture, the game flaunts adrenaline-filled gameplay and also an entire number of battles with various employers from old Greek mythology.

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